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Are you looking for an artificial intelligence solution to meet your clinical goals to improve patient outcomes, manage risks, reduce costs and create efficiencies? AI continues to impact the healthcare vertical as we know it. iatricSystems encourages and supports growth in this revolutionary technology, and we've brought together some of the best solutions to offer a one-stop shop for your artificial intelligence needs. Click learn more on any of the vendors below, to see how their solutions can bring the power of artificial intelligence to your organization.


Ambient’s AWARE™ solutions are FDA Class II approved, point-of-care clinical visualization solutions. AWARE™ presents and interprets patient information to address important clinical issues that arise in critical care, ED, and general inpatient settings. Ambient’s AWARE Sepsis DART™ provides automated sepsis detection while monitoring sepsis care bundle delivery to help eliminate errors. Learn more.

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CaptureNet’s sole focus is innovation in new best practices for active self-pay integrating leading-edge predictive analytics and workflow automation to disrupt the industry’s status quo of outdated processes, to materially improve self-pay liquidation rates, smooth clients’ internal operations, and to enhance the patient experience with the self-pay billing process. Learn more.

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Cynerio provides visibility and security for connected medical devices using AI based technology. In addition to identifying and monitoring the device itself, Cynerio parses the clinical workflows associated with the device (DICOM, HL7, ASTM, etc), and identifies the medical context of the device. This enables Cynerio to provide to detect/alert on abnormalities in the workflow to help ensure operational continuity. Learn more.

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Haystack allows hospitals and health systems to automate patient privacy monitoring. Using AI and behavioral analytics, Haystack analyzes every access to PHI, removes false positives, and presents your staff with only truly suspicious activity. Find anomalous behavior quickly and easily, before a patient privacy breach occurs. Learn more.

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HBI Solutions, a population health and predictive analytics company provides machine learning as a service to better predict, prevent and personalize treatment before a condition becomes acute, chronic and costly. With our guided approach and proven data science, we help healthcare organizations manage risk and reduce costs in populations. Learn more.

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Inovalon is a leading technology company providing an integrated cloud-based platform empowering data-driven healthcare. Through the Inovalon ONE® Platform, Inovalon offers national-scale capability to interconnect with the healthcare ecosystem, leveraging massive primary-source real-world datasets, sophisticated analytics, and powerful cloud-based technologies to improve quality outcomes and economics of healthcare. Learn more.

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Pieces Technologies is a health & social information company providing solutions designed for predicting, connecting, and monitoring information for health systems and social service organizations. Supporting at-risk populations, Pieces helps the care team better address clinical and social needs inside and outside the walls of the hospital, across the patient journey. Learn more.


Secure Exchange Solutions is a trusted provider of interoperable, cloud-based, secure clinical exchange software. Our cutting-edge product suite integrates artificial intelligence with secure messaging to deliver intuitive analysis of clinical information at critical points of care, enabling industry stakeholders to optimize care transitions, expedite provider-plan data exchange, review and decision-making. Learn more.