Report Writing Data Migration and Analytics

Analytic visual dashboards have become the preferred tool for executives and department heads to better understand key performance indicators (KPIs) in the form of data charts and graphs. Why? These visual dashboards act like a ‘living report’ that allows you to instantly drill down into vital slices of data and reveal what’s really going on. But creating visual boards that move you to make smarter decisions takes time – and expertise.

It’s time to stop looking at the data in black and white and finally experience it in color. Our Business Intelligence Developers have years of experience creating data sets and displays that give your team the information they need to empower decision-making abilities.

Better Analytics Dashboards

Analytic Dashboards are becoming the most important decision-making tool for Executives and Department heads.  Updated visual displays with easy drill down views that empower leaders to make informed, up-to-date decisions and analysis of performance. 


Empower your Team with Customized Views

IatricSystems can work with you to customize views in a variety of Analytic programs, including Meditech BCA, Tableau, Qlik Sense and Microsoft PowerBI.


Need Help with a System Conversion?

Converting data to a new EHR system is a major undertaking.  Our iatricSystems team can help ensure this critical job gets completed quickly and without data errors that can cripple this project. 

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Importing Historical Data?

We have years of experience packaging historical data from Meditech to import into your new EHR system.  Our experts will ensure this process runs smoothly and accurately to ensure a successful conversion. 


System Archival

Maintaining data on old EHR systems can be a dangerous and costly venture. Legal requirements often mean you will need to reference most or all the data from retired systems, at the cost of annual support and maintenance to keep these old systems running. With our Data Extraction Suite, organizations can remove outdated and unsecure MEDITECH servers with a one-time data extract and put and end to costly annual maintenance fees.


Become Self-Sufficient with Mentoring

We match up your report writers with our experts, 1-on-1, on an as-needed basis, so your team doesn’t spin their wheels or get bogged down searching for solutions we’ve already developed. 


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