Automate Patient Privacy Monitoring Using Advanced AI with Haystack iS

Haystack™ iS easily integrates with any EHR, including MEDITECH, Epic, Cerner, and more. With hosted servers and managed services available — no matter what your system or team configuration, Haystack iS has you covered.

Using artificial intelligence and more than 19 years of patient privacy monitoring experience, Haystack iS is positioned to help your privacy experts detect anomalous behavior earlier than ever before. Haystack iS helps you save time with the ability to analyze every access to PHI, remove false positives and show your staff only truly suspicious behavior. Discover the next generation in patient privacy monitoring: Haystack™ iS.


Meet AVA - Our New Advanced Virtual Assistant That Makes Patient Privacy Monitoring Easier Than Ever Before

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Privacy by the Numbers


Average total cost of a breach in the healthcare industry*


Days on average to identify and contain a breach*


Average savings of containing a data breach in 200 days or less*

How it Works

Learn about each feature in Haystack iS


Breach Detection

The Haystack iS audit strategy uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn your health systems patterns, therefore removing false positives. This effectively eliminates the need for manual reports and preliminary audit steps that are present in some other systems.


Incident Investigation

Because of the advanced artificial intelligence, privacy experts can focus on truly suspicious behavior, reducing the time required for investigations. The Manager’s Portal connects the Privacy Auditor and the department managers during investigations, keeping all communication, documentation, and PHI within Haystack iS.


Documentation And Reporting

Haystack iS leverages a simple, intuitive User Interface that provides at-a-glance management of alerts to possible violations by summarizing suspicious findings into an Executive Dashboard. Privacy Officers can easily manage all aspects of patient privacy monitoring, including OCR-compliant documentation.


Advanced Virtual Assistant

Streamline detection, investigation and reporting with your own Advanced Virtual Assistant – AVA. Built into Haystack iS, AVA removes the back and forth between EHR users and your Privacy Officer by automating the entire process. When a user engages in possible suspicious activity, AVA follows up with a questionnaire to gain deeper insight, and reports the incident to your privacy team.


Integration Capabilities

With over 33 years of experience, iatricSystems™ has completed integrations for 200+ customers, with 180+ vendors, across 1000+ feeds. No matter what EHR, system, or team configuration, Haystack iS has you covered.

Data Flow

Data Flow

Haystack iS pulls data feeds from your EHR, HR system, and 100’s of other third-party systems. This all-encompassing view provides the ability to see all data points accessed by your users across your different applications.

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Feedback From Our Happy Customers

Haystack Solutions prompts the employee, and it is smart enough to go in and see from our HR software who the supervisor is. The system prompts the supervisor and asks whether the access was appropriate. The system logs the query and then tells me that something has occurred, and these are the results. Without the product, I would have to hire somebody to go and look up a person's supervisor and then ask them questions, and things would not be in real time. Haystack Solutions is very timely and very efficient.


May 2023 KLAS Survey

Haystack Solutions streamlines the process for auditing EMR access and saves us time. It has helped us to identify areas that need further investigation more quickly so that we can cover more areas.

Vice President

August 2023 KLAS Survey

If I get a HIPAA complaint that someone has looked at their record, I can use Haystack Solutions to run a report. That is fairly easy to do, and it will get me exactly what I need. The solution also does single-focus reports very well, and it integrates with our EMR too.


October 2023 KLAS Survey

iatricSystems has great customer service. Whenever I speak to anyone at the company, they go above and beyond to make sure that they follow up with me and follow up with tech support.


April 2023 KLAS Survey

There have been several times when the product has populated with inappropriate access, especially on its event list. We are able to quickly identify possible inappropriate accesses and resolve that before it gets any further though. When it comes to the product's outcomes, the system has been very beneficial to us as an organization by helping us stay HIPAA compliant.


January 2023 KLAS Survey

"We are enjoying the upgrades from the old version of Iatric we were using to Haystack - they have been helpful and offer our entity a variety of resources now."

Frank Caria, MPA, CHC

Director of Compliance & Privacy, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital

“I believe you have an excellent product that is easy to use and provides value at a truly reasonable price. Your software, when combined with an organization’s HIPAA policies and procedures, can provide a robust HIPAA auditing and monitoring program that exceeds OCR expectations.”

Sheila Limmroth

CIA, CHC - DCH Health System

“Before Haystack, the audit I could run via IT was cumbersome and required lots of investigation. Now, I have instant identification of suspected anomalous activity.”

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“I do not have to access Epic as much as with our previous solution. Haystack is intuitive to use. I love the watch list. Love having the encounter information.”

Pam Martin

Privacy Specialist - Leading Hospital in Pennsylvania

With Haystack iS Patient Data Privacy Software You Can

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anomalous activity with advanced Artificial Intelligence.

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incidents seamlessly by routing to managers for review.

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breaches easily with OCR-compliant documentation.

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with AVA - to question and report on possible suspicious activity.

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with the OCR and other regulatory bodies.

Integration and Migration


false positives to improve staff efficiency.

by Jackie Lo | Nov 22, 2022

HIPAA and the Holidays

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