Healthcare IT Solutions for Medical Directors and Clinicians

Whether you’re a Chief Nursing Officer, patient care provider, or anything in between, you want to provide the best care for your patients. And, when it comes to the technology and software you use daily, you need a solution that is as efficient as you are while reducing medical errors to enhance patient safety.

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Eliminate patient identification and specimen labeling errors, improve turnaround times, and increase efficiencies during the specimen collection process. MobiLab® offers flexibility via a variety of devices allowing you to take advantage of your existing hardware investments.



Drug diversion is costly for hospitals in numerous ways including the cost of the stolen drugs, patient safety, employee wellness, and potential lawsuits. DetectRx examines medication activity from multiple systems and detects signs of drug diversion previously out of reach.


SmartBoard Vision™

Improve patient care and fiscal management for nursing, lab, pharmacy and other hospital departments. Your hospital can create boards to track, monitor and report on a variety of data sets. From tracking Sepsis, risk of addiction, COVID-19, and more. The possibilities of data tracking are endless.

Accelero Nurses Reaourse Image

Accelero Connect®

Connect your hospital’s EHR system to vital sign monitors, smart pumps, and other devices to improve patient safety, increase revenue and more. Accelero Connect® integrates your medical devices with your EHR — regardless of the type of device, manufacturer, or EHR in use at your hospital.


Visual Flowsheet™

Facilitate highly effective online assessment and documentation of patient care with a comprehensive and customizable view of patient data to improve efficiency, streamline documentation of medication administration and minimize keystrokes required to access and document patient care.



Improve clinical outcomes by providing patient data from other systems right in the clinicians' EHR workflow. Flex Button gives clinicians easy access to patient data from disparate healthcare IT systems and effortlessly injects that information into their workflow to save time and improve efficiency.