Seamlessly Sync your user database to your MEDITECH Expanse database

In today's environment of IT projects competing for your staff's time and resources, it's more important than ever to eliminate tedious, time-consuming tasks.

UserSync™ takes the user's Active Directory account and automatically sets them up in the MEDITECH MIS database, allowing for better security, integrity, and consistency in regard to your hospital's users.

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Enhanced Database Security

UserSync communicates between your network database and and your MEDITECH Expanse database, ensuring that a user who is disabled in the network database will automatically be disabled in your EHR database as well. This security will prevent unauthorized access without the tedious, manual tasks previously needed.

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Aggregation of User Data

UserSync will reference the network user information to update the EHR user database, giving you one place to make all edits. This will reduce the chance of spelling mistakes and save you time.


Optimized Communication and User Creation

UserSync allows for more streamlined communication between databases, allowing for optimized user creation. UserSync will bind a new user to your Network User system, and then send an email to all interested parties with the new mnemonic and the user's PIN.

Mnemonic Pattern




Ensures disabled users no longer have access when it comes to all new user creation.


Streamline User Creation

Uses the same mnemonic pattern when it comes to user creation.


Increase Productivity

Eliminates additional communication steps between departments to improve productivity.


Easy Implementation and Use

Implementation in your MEDITECH Expanse creates a seamless connection to your database and EMR

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