Automate patient privacy monitoring with Artificial Intelligence.
Using AI and behavioral analytics, Haystack™ analyzes every access to PHI, removes false positives, and presents your staff with only truly suspicious activity. Let Haystack help your privacy experts find anomalous behavior quickly and easily, before a breach occurs. Request a demonstration today.

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Anomalous activity with AI and behavioral analytics



Incidents using built-in dynamic, relative forensics



Breaches easily with OCR-compliant documentation



Future patient privacy violations

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With the OCR and other regulatory bodies



False positives to improve staff efficiency

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Customer reviews

This is what customers are saying about Haystack and Security Audit Manager, our patient privacy monitoring and breach detection solutions:

- Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

“Before Haystack, the audit I could run via IT was cumbersome and required lots of investigation. Now, I have instant identification of suspected anomalous activity.”

- Pam Martin, Privacy Specialist @ Leading Hospital in Pennsylvania

“I do not have to access Epic as much as with our previous solution. Haystack is intuitive to use. I love the watch list. Love having the encounter information.”

- West Virginia United Healthcare System

“Security Audit Manager brings together audit trails across many disparate systems to give us a complete view of how people are looking at our data. It is allowing us to have a view into applications that we wouldn’t normally audit due to time and resource constraints.”

- UnityPoint

“We selected Security Audit Manager because of its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, proactive and flexible report capabilities, and broad integration expertise that captures patient access audits across our 41 facilities and stores them in a secure, central location.”

- Manager, June 2017*

“Security Audit Manager works. It is straightforward. The implementation and support from Iatric Systems are outstanding. Those teams have been amazing and awesome to work with. The support people respond quickly, and I don’t have to be transferred to different people when I call. We have a dedicated resource, and this helps because we have established a history with this person. The support and implementation people are actually the same, so that gives the support people knowledge of our system and the implementation. That means that I don’t have to give them any background information because the person I talk to generally knows what happened. That is a big strength to me. Working with various other vendors, I have experienced not knowing who I might speak to when I call the support people. The experience could be good or bad, depending on the previous support person’s notes. Having support people at Iatric Systems who know us and our situation makes resolving issues faster.”

- Manager, June 2017*

“Security Audit Manager is terrific. We have had the product for several years, and it is in our long-term plans because of its great quality and the support we receive from Iatric Systems. The system’s features are intuitive, and that makes our jobs a lot easier.”