iatricSystems, an independent business unit of Harris Healthcare, is a team of Information Technology and Healthcare specialists dedicated to improving the delivery of care through technology. Our ranks include IT managers, project managers, software engineers, nurses, lab techs, and other medical professionals. We help healthcare organizations enhance their IT investments. We do so with our diverse healthcare experience, an extensive partner network, and our proven capabilities in privacy & security, EHR optimization, and interoperability. For now more than 30 years, iatricSystems has delivered solutions to more than 1,300 healthcare organizations and has integrated more than 800 vendor solutions.

Our Mission


iatricSystems enables success by delivering healthcare technology solutions that enhance existing investments.



What We Do


We bring together healthcare experience, products, services, and partners to deliver solutions that enhance existing investments in healthcare IT.



iatricSystems by the Numbers


Our long history of helping organizations enhance their existing healthcare IT investments includes:
• Supporting more than 1,300 hospitals
• Deploying more than 21,000 interfaces and 1,600 applications
• Integrating more than 800 vendor systems