Healthcare IT Solutions for IT Technicians and Analysts

You may be the programmer who develops reports based on customer requirements and programs SQL queries to pull data or the analyst who uses that information to generate actionable results. In either role, you want to provide the best reporting possible with the resources available to your team – and our experts can help.

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Report Writing Services

Find the answer to all of your report writing needs. Ranging from one-off reports to fully outsourced report writing and everything in between, we offer Report Writing Services for virtually every EHR, including Cerner, CPSI, Epic, McKesson, and MEDITECH.


Data Extraction Suite

MEDITECH data extraction, migration, and archival software keeps your legacy data secure, accurate, and compliant with data retention requirements.



Seamlessly Sync your user database to your MEDITECH Expanse database. UserSync™ takes the user's Active Directory account and automatically sets them up in the MEDITECH MIS database, allowing for better security, integrity, and consistency in regard to your hospital's users.



Automate your most basic tasks or develop complex integration applications. iatriScript is your assistant for accomplishing tedious data entries and repetitive tasks. From simple dictionary edits to full-featured day-end close or interface applications, iatriScript helps MEDITECH users improve processes and save money.


EasyConnect Jaguar™

Streamline interface management with the ability to easily set up filters, templates, and other functions such as data manipulation with drag-and-drop functionality. EasyConnect Jaguar™ interface engine eliminates data connection barriers between healthcare information systems.


DR Resource Center

DR Resource Center is your one-stop shop for all things Data Repository (DR) related — technical resource, training center, report library, and forum, all in one. It is a central location where DR information and assistance is available to hospitals wishing to maximize use of their MEDITECH Data Repository.