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Program and Project Management Services

When your IT and/or project management teams are overloaded, there's little time to research, evaluate, and implement new needed healthcare technology.


Overcome this challenge by tapping into the strategic expertise of the iatricSystems team of professional healthcare technology experts and project managers. Our deep experience that comes from working for a broad range of healthcare providers on a broad range of programs can help you determine if you need new solutions and, if so, help ensure that your selection is the best for your organization. No project is too large or too small.



View 2-minute video to find answers to the most difficult healthcare IT challenges.

Make Better Decisions

Receive expert and strategic advice before making important IT decisions.

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Implement New Technology without Adding Headcount

Handle the burden of new IT initiatives without overloading your IT team. You’ll be able to implement faster and more efficiently.

Realize the ROI of Your IT Investments

Tap into our project management experience to quickly see the results you expect from your new IT technology.

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Three Challenges That Keep Hospital CIOs Up at Night


Learn how to Overcome the 3 Top Healthcare IT Challenges that Keep CIOs Up at Night

Learn How To Overcome the 3 Top Healthcare IT Challenges that Keep CIOs Up at Night


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Expert advice and guidance through vendor and RFP selection.

Implementation project management.

Single point of contact for all IT projects.

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Identify and analyze potential risks that may affect the outcome of your IT projects.

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Direct management of project resources including 3rd party vendors.


Resource alignment and issue resolution.

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Develop, manage, and distribute all Project Documentation.

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Clear, concise project-related communications to quickly handle scope changes, resolve technology hurdles, and facilitate solutions with the appropriate resources.

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