Interface Software Solutions

Simplify your efforts to exchange data between your healthcare organization and its providers, patients, and community. Turn to iatricSystems® for custom interface software solutions and interfaces that are already built, tested, and ready to implement.

HL7 Interface projects image

Custom Interface Projects:

even if your EHR vendor, or other vendors, say it can’t be done — let us meet your needs. Contact Us.

Point-to-point HL7 interface image

Point-to-Point Interfaces:

standard HL7 interfaces to expedite your integration projects.

 Easily build HL7 interfaces with EasyConnect Jaguar image

EasyConnect Jaguar:

time-saving and cost-efficient interface engine.
Learn more.

HL7 interfaces to physician offices

Physician Office Integration:

exchange data between your EHR and physician EMR systems. Learn more.

Medical device integration image

Accelero Connect©:

quickly and inexpensively integrates your medical devices with your EHR. Learn more.

 Interface for your Computer-Assisted Coding system image

Computer-Assisted Coding Interface:

easily provide your CAC system all the required data from your EHR system and be prepared for the ICD-10 mandates. Learn more.

Sample Iatric Systems HL7 Interfaces:

  • HL7 ADT to Other Vendor
  • HL7 DFT Billing Batches to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 DFT to EHR Billing
  • HL7 ORM LAB Order to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORU LAB Results to Other Vendor
  • HL7 MFN Dictionaries to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 ORU Clinical Results to EHR
  • HL7 ORU Nursing Results to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORM HIS Orders to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORU Departmental Reports to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 ORU Reports to EHR
  • HL7 RDE Pharmacy Orders to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 Dispense to HIS Pharmacy
  • Vendor HL7 Administration to EHR Pharmacy EMAR
  • HL7 Employee Records to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 Employee Records to Payroll System
  • Vendor HL7 Employee Hours to Payroll System
  • HL7 ORM Radiology Orders to Other Vendor
  • HL7 ORU Radiology Reports to Other Vendor
  • Vendor HL7 ORU Reports to Radiology System
  • HL7 SIU Scheduling to Other Vendor


  • Bedside Patient Documentation
  • Emergency Room Software Interfaces
  • Materials Management Dispensing Interfaces
    • McKesson
    • Omnicell
    • ParExcellence
    • Pyxis
  • Transcription
  • PACS Interface Suite
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Interfaces 
    • McKesson
    • Omnicell
    • Pyxis
  • Pharmacy Bedside Medication Administration
  • Radiology Voice Recognition/Transcription