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We focus on designing and delivering customized training solutions and on-going support that helps your staff confidently use healthcare technologies. Whether you are implementing a new system, upgrading an existing one or onboarding new hires, we will help you meet your training goals with a full range of flexible learning services.



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eLearning is a cost-effective, convenient way to cover learning fundamentals, complement instructor-led training and ensure standardized delivery of information across your system. Our eLearning experts create web-based and multimedia training materials that reflect industry best practices for usability and instructional design.


Physician Education

We understand that physicians rarely have time to sit in a classroom. That’s why we developed a curriculum format that not only accommodates hectic schedules but also incorporates the tools and facilitation best practices to make sure learning sticks. Our educators specialize in facilitation and healthcare technologies such as EMR/EHR, CPOE, and medical devices.


Instructional Delivery

Great instructors not only engage participants, but also make learning stick—and that’s where our educators excel. We’ll help you determine the instructional delivery method that works best for your team’s content and culture.


Instructional Design

We take a learner-focused approach to make content meaningful to your team. Our instructional designers emphasize real-world workplace scenarios, taking into consideration your team’s culture, schedules, and overall knowledge and comfort levels with technology.


Strategic Planning

Whether you are implementing a new system, onboarding new hires, or providing ongoing support and education, successful results call for a solid learning assessment and follow-up plan. Our team will help you develop a strategic plan that considers the needs of your audiences and meets your education goals.


Just-In-Time Tools

Sedona Learning Solutions works with you to concentrate on the content that your team needs to know, and will provide the tools for the material that’s good to know. We provide readily accessible micro-learning tools that can be used to supplement your team's learning at just the right time.


Training Evaluation

Evaluating success isn't only how engaging or helpful the classroom instructor is, it's measuring whether learning occurs. Sedona takes it a step further and moves learning into performance outcomes so you can demonstrate results from your training investment.


Training Project Management

We coordinate and oversee all aspects of training initiatives regardless of the size, composition, complexity, or needs of your team. Your Sedona project manager will work closely with you to keep milestones on track, maintain a tight focus on helping learners confidently implement new technologies, and measure project success.


Feedback From Our Happy Customers

Sedona’s learning tutorials and electronic job-aids helped us seamlessly move to a virtual training environment. Our physicians love that they can complete the interactive tutorials when they want, where they want, and at the pace they want.

Robert Reynolds

Information Technology Director, Mary Rutan Hospital

Customization matters–we regularly hear from providers that they don’t want to look at something that isn’t exactly like what they are going to use. Providers are particular about how they document and take care of their patients. Having eLearning modules customized to our workflows and build was absolutely key.

Nicole Rothove

Clinical Applications Analyst, Ozarks Medical Center

I really like how interactive the Sedona tutorials are–had me engaged the entire time! Definitely exceeded my expectations of what eLearning would be like.

Dalar Bazik, MS

Informaticists/IT Physician Liaison, Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Get extra help for education … consider purchasing e-based learning. It was a cost we hadn’t budgeted for, but Sedona Learning Solutions’ tutorials were well-worth the money. … They saved us tons and tons of classroom time. It helps even now with onboarding new staff … it’s been a real blessing.

TJ Temple

Executive Director of Information Technology, Ozarks Healthcare

Sedona has been a breath of fresh air… more attentive than any consultant firm I’ve worked with in the past 15 years. I especially appreciate that you treat me like a professional, not a resource or warm body. Thanks again for everything!

Veronica Thomas

Consultant - Facilitator

Early on, I worked as a superuser overnight. A nurse asked me a question that I couldn’t answer. I went directly to the Micro Learning Tools Sedona created and found my answer within 10 seconds!

Lisa Ryan, RN

Informatics Nurse & Nurse Educator, Milford Regional Medical Center

Our eLearning tutorials from Sedona have served us well over the past two years. They have helped streamline our physician onboarding process.

Jeff Goad, CIO

Williamson Medical Center

Without a shadow of a doubt, we would not have been as successful without Sedona Learning Solutions’ contribution. The Sedona piece was critical to our training program for our 600 providers and 3,000 staff members. Everything you created for us was exceptional! Our comfort level with all the variables was when you said you would work with us whatever it takes –and you did! Sedona Rocks!

Robert Collins

ProjectONE Project Manager, Phoebe Putney Health System

Benefits of Choosing Sedona

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Work At Your Own Pace

Cost-effective, convenient trainings to complement, or sometimes replace, instructor-led training for your team.

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Build Confidence

We teach physicians to have command over their healthcare technologies so that they can focus on what's important.

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Education That Sticks

We provide your team easy-to-use tools and materials to ensure continued learning and training retention.

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Generate Results

Education focused and results driven — it’s a promise we remain committed to.

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The Big Picture

We'll develop a strategic learning, assessment, and follow-up plan that considers the needs of your team and meets your education goals.

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Stay On Track

Effective project management means a coordinated effort that results in powerful training for your team on budget and on schedule!

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