Improve Data Quality with MEDITECH Attributes and Rules

For over 30 years, hospitals have relied on iatricSystems™ to develop complex attributes that add logic to MEDITECH Customer Defined Screens (CDSs) in the MAGIC and Client/Server environments. Likewise, with new M-AT applications in MEDITECH 6.0 and 6.1 systems, customers come to us with a growing need for custom MEDITECH rules to enhance functionality in M-AT Screens, Document Sections, and Order Management. Let us build MEDITECH attributes or rules for you.

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Learn what sets MEDITECH Attributes and Rules apart from out competitors

Educate yourself and find the solution that works best


Improve Data Quality

You can validate data, avoid conflicting orders, and ensure all necessary information is entered with logic we add to CDSs and 6.x M-AT screens.


Enhance Efficiencies

Our expertise will help you easily skip and require answers, avoid duplicate orders, and use print logic to streamline user workflow.


Save Money

Attributes and rules can be built remotely by our team, and discounted report writing blocks can be applied to this work.


Save Staff Time

Enable your IT and Nursing Informatics staff to focus on other high-priority projects by letting us write rules and attributes for you.

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Haystack iS is ONC HIT 2015 Edition certified. View the Haystack Product Certification. ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS.

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